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Calico Rock

imgCalicoRock.jpgCalico Rock was an important river port on the Upper White River as early as the first half of the 1800s.

Legend says the town was named when an early explorer of the White River Valley saw the beautiful limestone bluff and called it "The Calico Rocks" because it resembled the calico fabric used to make women's dresses.

Calico Rock has plenty of appeal for visitors of all ages. It is a small town with tons of trout, antique stores, a museum and even a ghost town just steps away from town.

There are numerous annual events that take place with the downtown as the backdrop. Musicians find their way and play at festival events or at the town music hall. Hiking and biking trails are located in parks in the middle of town and fishing is hot here. The White River is known for excellent trout fishing. 

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